Poll: Are Video Games Art?

I’ve got a fun one for you this week, GPers!

“Are Video Games Art?”

Yes, it’s that oft-debated and extremely polarizing question that can make proponents on both sides of the issue soil their shorts in an enthusiastic tizzy.  Opinions are hot on this one.  Blogs have been written, names have been called, blood has been spilled.

Okay, maybe not that last one but I’ve seen folks get mighty hot under the collar arguing this one so keep it civil or I will bust out the Mighty Blue Pen of Moderation on you!

Tucked neatly under the LOGIN box over on the right side of the page is our latest poll which gives you four possible responses to the age old (okay, decades old) question.  Pick the one that best matches your opinion then hit up the comments or email your thoughts to SuperPACPodcast@gmail.com.  We’ll reveal the results and discuss your takes on the topic in the next episode of Super Podcast Action Committee so hop to it!

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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    hellfire7885 says:

    I feel awe when I look over a well rendered landscape.

    I feel angry or sad when a character I like dies.

    I feel a sense of justice when an asshole villain is taken down.

    I laugh when someone I perceive as funny happens.


    Art evokes emotion. These are emotions, so to me, that makes games art.

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    sqlrob says:

    Music is art.

    Literature is art.

    Architecture is art.

    Painting is art.

    Movies are art.

    How can something that's the combination of those and more NOT be art?


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    Sleaker says:

    I think a good example might be a Knife.  

    If you have a pocket knife, you wouldn't necessarily consider it art, but you might be able to make art with it, such as through whittling a piece of wood, or carving a picture.

    If you have a ceremonial knife with a curved blade, and a carved ivory handle.  It would most likely be considered art. 

    Both objects are knives, but the purpose behind one is different, it is specifically designed as art, now that isn't to say that there wasn't any art that went into the design of the pocket knife, but that the pocket knife is specifically designed as a tool, not as art.

    I think the lines of distinction are quite grey, and anything can pretty much be construed as art.  But I think anything that is made up of Music, Story, Dialog, and Virtual Sculptures should be considered art, or perhaps a broader statement might be, anything that's designed specifically for the purpose of entertainment, is art.

    It also doesn't mean that all art is good art, and I think the opinion side of things is where people get caught up because they see things that are pretty repulsive to them and wonder how it could be even considered art.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    Okay, so what qualifies or disqualifies something as art?  Can you give examples of games, movies, music that would be art and those that would not?


    Andrew Eisen

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