GameStop: Selling the Classics

According to a report on Polygon, video game retailer GameStop is seriously considering including a destination inside its retail stores specifically for shoppers looking to purchase classic game cartridges and discs that are no longer being carried by most retailers.

Speaking to Polygon during the GameStop Expo in San Antonio, CEO Paul Raines said that his company sees an opportunity in selling those classic, sought-after titles. He also said that these items are still in the company's possession after being traded in a very long time ago.

"We've got them," Raines explained. "We think there's a vintage sales opportunity, so we're accumulating some inventory. It's a big idea, and there's a few problems with it. The first one is sourcing the product, the condition, the refurbishment, all that stuff. But there's a customer for it. And we're working on some stuff we haven't announced yet."

"If you go to eBay and look at all of the gaming stuff that's on there, it's unbelievable. Collector's stuff. We've got to be in that business. We will be."

As someone who paid way more than he should have for Megaman Legends 2 from Amazon, I agree that there's a market for it…

Source: Polygon

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    eston says:

    So basically what this means is that they've been holding a ton of classic games hostage in a warehouse somewhere, for years. Maybe this will drive some of the prices down on rarer games cool

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    ecco6t9 says:

    Funcoland was bought by Babbages Etc which became Funco Inc and then became GameStop.


    Basically when Babbages bought Funcoland they were looking for "get us into strip malls" and "get us more into used games."

    It's why GameStop also bought EB Games, take out the largest competitor and use their register systems. The phrase EBC on Gamestop coupons means Electronics Boutique Coupon.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    Eh, you're probably right. Biggest problem is, since Nintendo's lawyers refuse to let them release it on current devices, and since the cart costs upwards of 500 dollars on Amazon, about the only way to experience it is to pirate it.

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    Hevach says:

    Define "reasonable"? It's a pretty scarce game – it didn't sell spectacularly well, but is still prized. Gamestop might be cheaper than eBay, but they'll probably me more expensive than the local chains and private stores that still do deal in older games. Unless they just happen to have a ton of copies sitting in a warehouse somewhere, it probably won't help much in finding it, either.

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    Sam-LibrarIan Witt says:

    It's funny that the quotes make it sound it like they've never been in that business before. I remember buying NES games from my local GameStop not 12 years ago. They were phasing them out back then and saying, "No one wants this junk anymore. It's all about the new stuff!" Now it seems they are backtracking. I feel bad for the stores that already specializing in retro. GameStop is going to attempt to dominate them now.

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