HBO Tries Different Approach to Streamed Content in Europe

Premium pay TV network HBO (owned by Time Warner) is using a different business model than it does in America to provide HBO Go-style streamed content in parts of Europe. Apparently HBO is more "cord-cutter" friendly across the ocean. HBO will offer a streaming service in Mid-October that does not require consumers to have a cable subscription. The rollout of this new HBO model will target only a few European territories. The service will be called HBO Nordic AB and will allow customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark to stream subtitled versions of the same content available in the US. including original series and movies streamed at

According to Variety, HBO Nordic AB will cost 10 euros (or $12.50) a month, and HBO will also remain as an add-on service to regular cable subscriptions. We assume that it will offer the same content provided by its HBO Go service in the U.S. The difference is those U.S. subscribers have to subscribe to HBO through their cable company.

Source: Ars Technica


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