Dark Souls Directors Consider ‘Easy Mode’ for Game

Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki has hinted that the company might consider adding an easy mode – much to the chagrin of those who like the game the way it is: hard as hell.

"I personally want my games to be described as satisfying rather than difficult," he said in an interview with Metro. "As a matter of fact, I am aiming at giving players sense of accomplishment in the use of difficulty. Having said that, however, it is true that Dark Souls is rather difficult and a number of people may hesitate to play. This fact is really sad to me and I am thinking about whether I should prepare another difficulty that everyone can complete or carefully send all gamers the messages behind our difficult games."

"However, I suppose gamers do not particularly prefer easy games. What they want is interesting and worthwhile games to play, so I think it is natural that hindrance or stress that does not attribute to such interesting and worthwhile elements will be removed in the end. If the number of easy games is increasing nowadays, I guess it is because difficulty is not related to interesting and worthwhile game elements in many games among players."

Would an Easy Mode make the game more accessible to the masses too afraid to play the game because it's just "too damned hard" or would it dilute the game experience for those players? That's the million dollar question, though an accomplishment you have to work hard for is always more satisfying, in my opinion.

Source: MCV

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    I don't get the impression that the idea is to remove the difficulty.  The same-old, hard-as-nails game will be there.  They're just considering adding an additional easy mode.


    Andrew Eisen

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    lordlundar says:

    It's funny, but I'm not sure I like the idea. Now before people rage at me for being a screaming fanboy, let me be clear. I do not have it nor do I intend to get it and I am fine with that. It's not my niche.

    The isue I have is when you look at reviews and other evaluations of the games it's single defining aspect is it's difficulty. Not compelling story, dynamic characters, unparalled mechanics, etc. Just that it's really, really hard. So if that gets taken out of it, there's not much there to separate it from other games in the genre/setting.

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    Hevach says:

    I give 90% of them less than that and the other 10% actually not buying it.

    But for every one in that 10%, five others will take their place who wouldn't have bought the game because they lack either A. the time B. the skill or C. the will to overcome that brutal learning curve.

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    Farseli says:

    I agree, but there has been quite the outrage over on the Steam forums where many players have said that if the next game has an easy mode they will not play the game at all. I wonder why so many people have to have the series be their special elite club, even if the easy mode doesn't affect their experience playing the game.

    A number of people even said that anyone casual enough to want to play it on easy should just play a different game. They were all really offended at the idea that the game could be made to also appeal to people that aren't as good at video games.

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