Erotic Game ‘Seduce Me’ Kicked Off Steam Greenlight

Amsterdam-based indie developer No Reply Games issued a statement yesterday saying that their first game to make its way on to Steam Greenlight has been kicked off the service. The game is called "Seduce Me," and is an erotic themed dating simulation. From the trailer we viewed of the game, it contains some nudity, adult language, sexual themes, and adult situations.

"Many people still view games as 'for children' in spite of the fact that the average gamer is 30 years old," said No Reply Games Miriam Bellard.

Miriam Bellard is the co-founder of the company and a veteran designer who is in charge of game design, coding, environmental art, and writing on Seduce Me. Prior to co-founding the company with Andrejs Skuja, she worked as a set designer, an art director, an architectural designer and a 3D artist on video game and film projects. She also worked as a senior visual designer at Guerrilla Games.

"The gaming establishment is fine with violence and gore but is uncomfortable with sexual themes," added No Reply Games co-founder Andrejs Skuja.

Andrejs Skuja is a co-founder of the small indie start-up and is serving as the Art Director, Concept Artist and Co-Writer on Seduce Me. Co-founder, Prior to co-founding No Reply Games Andrejs was as a senior concept artist at Guerrilla Games. Andrejs' online portfolio can be viewed at

For those interested in learning more about Seduce Me, check out the game's web site. Seduce me is not intended for audiences under the age of 18 and the contents of the site are probably NSFW.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    "What dating sims have you actually gone and purchased?"

    On Steam?  There are none available so none.

    "How likely are people going to be to purchase such games?"

    Finding that out is the entire point of Steam Greenlight.

    "How much of the Steam client would have to be updated to support content restricted access, parental controls, and the like?"

    If they're not needed for violence, language, drug use and the like, they aren't needed for sexual content.


    Andrew Eisen


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    Left4Dead says:

    How about:  What dating sims have you actually gone and purchased?  How likely are people going to be to purchase such games?  How much of the Steam client would have to be updated to support content restricted access, parental controls, and the like?

    I can see any of these as being a no-go on Valve's end of things.  It will take programmer resources just to support this sort of thing and probably a huge rewrite of the core Steam platform including the SDKs.  As a gamer, I'd much rather see things like the vertical scrolling bugs get fixed first and make new hats for TF2.  I'm sure they will eventually get around to supporting such things but, for now, it makes the most sense to just reject this sort of thing outright.  They've probably been doing it all along, now it is just more public through Greenlight.  Also, keep in mind that Greenlight is brand new – we should give them a month of slack for that – the Steam programmers are probably tied up working out the actual bugs of that launch rather than the perceived.  Plus, Greenlight isn't on the mobile Android app yet so they still have to do something to get it launched there too.  Software launches are difficult enough without places like GP getting all whiny over something that's generally positive.

    The game's author should consider taking a different approach.  Bad timing is bad timing.

    -- Left4Dead --

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    DanHoyt says:

    It makes me sad that Valve is doing this. I like Valve and I would hope that out of any gaming company out there they would be the first to stand up and announce that this game will be published.

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    Farseli says:

    Once again, just goes to show you that the people in charge of distribution need to grow up. Game stores don't want to carry anything like it, and even online distribution won't? Why are we so backwards?

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    Steam Greenlight FAQ:

    Are there any restrictions on what can be posted?

    Your game must not contain offensive material or violate copyright or intellectual property rights.

    Golly, that's vague.


    Andrew Eisen

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    GrimCW says:

    i agree.

    its BS we're constantly blocking legitimate items as such, or going WAY overboard in censorship lately on the interactive front. leaving an entire wing of gaming locked behind excessively taboo doors that make them hard to ever get known or found.

    case in point, Barbarella… OLD movie, nudity, sexual themes, and adult situations. can you guess what it was rated nearly 40 years ago? PG.. yup PG.. could you imagine that today? R at its best as a movie, the highest whatever TV ratings can get for cable, and possible never permitted to air uncensored.  I mean, American Pie is "R" after all, and for what? some alcohol use, nudity, and sexual situations.. pretty much the same things. though IMO the AP movies are actually fairly tame by comparison sexually speaking.



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    axiomatic says:

    Yeah… Valve as well as all online distribution companies need a "adult only" section for the more puritanical countries like the US so these games can still be sold.

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