Erotic Game ‘Seduce Me’ Kicked Off Steam Greenlight

Amsterdam-based indie developer No Reply Games issued a statement yesterday saying that their first game to make its way on to Steam Greenlight has been kicked off the service. The game is called "Seduce Me," and is an erotic themed dating simulation. From the trailer we viewed of the game, it contains some nudity, adult language, sexual themes, and adult situations.

"Many people still view games as 'for children' in spite of the fact that the average gamer is 30 years old," said No Reply Games Miriam Bellard.

Miriam Bellard is the co-founder of the company and a veteran designer who is in charge of game design, coding, environmental art, and writing on Seduce Me. Prior to co-founding the company with Andrejs Skuja, she worked as a set designer, an art director, an architectural designer and a 3D artist on video game and film projects. She also worked as a senior visual designer at Guerrilla Games.

"The gaming establishment is fine with violence and gore but is uncomfortable with sexual themes," added No Reply Games co-founder Andrejs Skuja.

Andrejs Skuja is a co-founder of the small indie start-up and is serving as the Art Director, Concept Artist and Co-Writer on Seduce Me. Co-founder, Prior to co-founding No Reply Games Andrejs was as a senior concept artist at Guerrilla Games. Andrejs' online portfolio can be viewed at

For those interested in learning more about Seduce Me, check out the game's web site. Seduce me is not intended for audiences under the age of 18 and the contents of the site are probably NSFW.

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