Trolling for Dollars: Steam Greenlight’s Early Challenge

If you were expecting smooth sailing with Steam Greenlight, Valve's new community initiative that lets them decide which indies should get on Steam in the timeliest manner, then you are probably delusional. While the core idea of it works, there's always going to be people that use the system to basically waste people's time and be offensive. The Escapist has an interesting report on how some users are using the system to promote truly offensive and fictitious titles, or simply as a way to troll an entire community.

Some of the games being put forth on Greenlight include everything from Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 to games that are just downright offensive like Best WTC Plane Simulator. Valve is doing its best to keep up with these erroneous and offensive entries as fast as they can, but it really needs the help of the community to make the process of cleaning up Greenlight a little more expedient. Right now Steam Greenlight has around 740 entries.

The following user comment sums up best what needs to happen to keep Greenlight from being an inspirational idea and turning into a cesspool of nonsense and hate:

"I've already seen just in the last HOUR two entries for Mass Effect 3, five various entries for Half Life 3 … That's not including patently offensive games," like the 9/11 plane simulator. Steam has already asked for the community's help in policing Greenlight. "The community has already been active in reporting fraudulent or gag items. To help keep control on this volume of bad submissions, please us[e] the 'report' function to call out games that you think are fraudulent, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate."

Source: The Escapist

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