Wargaming CEO: Publishers Don’t Understand Free-to-Play

In a recent interview with Develop, Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi said that most game publishers just don't understand how to create a successful free-to-play game. He also points out that most of those traditional publishers dipping their toes into the market have no idea how the free-to-play business model works.

"The truth is that none of the traditional retail publishers, even now, know how free-to-play works," he tells Develop. "They are big guys trying to do something like Company of Heroes Online, which went nowhere."

He goes on to say that these companies are too big to be democratic and slow to react to a market that moves fast:

"The big companies are too big to be democratic and too slow to react to the reality, and these things are moving really fast. The medium online publishers are probably not very powerful and could not provide enough marketing and PR muscle."

You can read the full interview on Develop.

Source: Develop

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