FCC to Regularly Report on Mobile Broadband Speeds

The Federal Communications Commission announced today that it will start monitoring and reporting on mobile broadband speeds across the country. The FCC said that it will begin a review process of mobile networks in the U.S. with a meeting on Sept. 21. The end goal is to provide consumers with a report card for those networks. The new effort is part of the FCC’s overall National Broadband Plan, and has gained support from both major wireless carriers and the CTIA.

"At the open meeting, Commission staff from the Office of Engineering and Technology and the Consumer and Government Affairs Bureau will discuss with interested parties the technical methods for performance testing of mobile broadband Internet service, methodological approaches to remotely acquiring and analyzing such data, and other methodological considerations for the testing of mobile broadband performance," the FCC said in a statement.

We'll have more details on this meeting and this new initiative as more details are revealed.

Source: VentureBeat

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    locopuyo says:

    Well my 4G LTE from verizon gets me over 40 Mb down and 10 Mb up which is faster than my 30/5 cable.  But the badwidth cap is only 2 GB a month versus 200 GB….

    If I download at max speed I'll hit my cap in under 10 minutes.  What is up with that?

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