Minecraft Creator Responds to Sexual Assault at Minecraft PAX Party

Minecraft creator and Mojang co-founder Markus 'Notch' Persson is very unhappy about an incident that happened at his PAX Minecraft party (which, to be clear, was an off-site, private party) and the way the on-site security handled the situation. The grisly details of the sexual assault are detailed by the victim, an attendee named Ky. She recounts the horrific event on her blog:

According to Kye, she was sitting alone in the VIP area of the party when she was approached by another attendee, who chatted her up. After making some small talk, the conversation took a dark turn. Though she knew it was not a good conversation she acknowledged that she didn't know what to do in that moment: "maybe I was too drunk or maybe I still try too hard to be 'one of the guys' to realize it was quickly going into creeper territory."

But then the situation got even worse. The unidentified male suddenly started talking about being Asian and the stereotype associated with penis size:

"At some point he raised a concern about being Asian and women not wanting him cause of some stereotypical view of penis size, and I was like 'most women will agree size doesn't matter' and went back to my phone," she wrote. "Then he grabbed my free wrist and put it on his crotch and asked 'Is this big enough?'"

"That would have been bad enough, but he had also pulled his dick out through the zipper of his pants," she continued. "I had no idea what to do but say 'You can't do that!' and NOPE'D the fuck on out of there to find my friends."

Getting away from him, she found her friends and later decided to tell security about it. They responded with "What do you expect me to do?," according to Kye.

"And I tried to dance and drink it off more," she continued, "but as soon as the party ended I bolted for the door to find a cab, trying to hold tears back."

Responding to the incident, the usually care-free Persson was livid that such an incident could happen at one of his events and that security did nothing about it. He tweeted the following message:

"Some asshole did something totally unacceptable at my party, and a security guard shrugged it off," wrote Persson. "Very upset. It's being dug into."

Hopefully we can learn more about how something like this can happen at a party with (we guess) hundreds of people walking around, talking and being social. We also wonder what security company was hired for the event.. We'll have more on this story as it develops.

Source: The Escapist

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