No Reply Games Responds to Removal of ‘Seduce Me’ from Steam Greenlight

GamesIndustry International has an interesting article featuring No Reply Games co-founder Miriam Bellard. Yesterday we reported that the company's erotic adventure simulation game, Seduce Me, had been booted from Steam Greenlight. Today the founders of No Reply Games explained what they had hoped and their disappointment in how Valve handled their game.

"We always intended to at least approach Steam with this," says Bellard. "I think we'd managed to convince ourselves that there was a reasonable chance that they'd take it, and the game was close enough to being finished when Greenlight came around, so we thought we'd get in at the start and see what the community said."

But all their hopes were dashed by a form email from Steam:

"It was just a very generic e-mail saying we'd violated and the game was being taken down. It struck us as them not wanting to deal with it, not wanting to engage," says Bellard. "We were actually really shocked when it went down, because we thought that it would at least be allowed on Greenlight to be discussed. We wouldn't have minded taking down some of the images if they were considered too racy for the forum, but there was no communication – nothing."

Bellard goes on to say that the community's response to the game being removed was evenly split, but the community never got to make a decision on the game because Valve deemed the game too racy for the new service.

For its part, Valve issued a very brief statement saying that this kind of game was not welcomed on Greenlight.

"Steam has never been a leading destination for erotic material. Greenlight doesn't aim to change that."

Source: GII


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