Poll: Is Valve Making Gaming Hardware?

Yesterday we highlighted a job listing on Valve's website that showed the popular game developer was looking to hire an Industrial Designer to work on "product design and manufacturing, ergonomics, usability, aesthetics, and surfacing."

Does this mean Valve is working on a gaming console?  Maybe a Valve-branded PC gaming rig?  In the job post, the company laments the fact that “basic input, the keyboard and mouse, haven't really changed in any meaningful way over the years.”  Maybe it’s making a keyboard, mouse, or other input device?  Maybe a naughty hacker put it there to toy with our emotions and drive us crazy as we spend every waking hour wondering how this will affect the development and release of Half-Life 3?

What do you think, GPers?

We’ve got a few options for you to vote on in this week's poll.  If none of the answers strike your fancy, select “Other” and email your idea to SuperPACPodcast@gmail.com or post a comment in this article's ultra-convenient and appropriately-named "Comments" section.

And guess what?  If we like your comment, we might read it on the next podcast!  Fame, power and internet cookies could be yours!

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    I am going to have to say that this is probably something that Valve is doing internally. Based on the employee handbook that has been circulating, this is the type of thing they do regularly and are just looking to brainstorm with someone that can actually design hardware. Whether something comes of it or not is about as likely as Half-life Episode 3 coming out or not.

    Could Valve do something awesome with hardware? Yes. However, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

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