Government Report Agitates Scottish Games Industry

A new report from government associations Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprises has Scottish developers very upset. The report contends that the Scottish games industry has no students studying game related subjects, a value of £0, and employs just 200 people. The report also claims that the industry only contributes 0.1 percent to the Scottish economy. Because that percentage was recorded as less than £10 million, it was rounded down to zero. The report used information from 2010.

ScottishGames, a group that represents the industry in Scotland, takes issue with the report, noting that it omits companies that fall under more than one category, and that there are actually over 120 game companies in the country.

"The problem is that this is an official report created by two Scottish government organisations which oversee the cultural and enterprise elements of the Scottish economy. Moving forward policy decisions, funding allocations etc. will all be made based on the information in this document," the group said in a statement.

It called for the industry to make sure the government and the research companies it turns to have a better awareness of the industry it is reporting on.

"We also need to decide exactly how companies creating, publishing or otherwise working with games are categorised, defined and discovered," the group continued. "If this means working together, then we're going to have to grit our teeth, get out of the offices and actually do something. Otherwise we run the risk of being sidelined, overlooked and isolated from the wider creative industries. Seen as a curiosity and a hobby, rather than part of the most significant new creative industry in the world today."

Source: ScottishGames by way of GII


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