Hadopi Strikes Back

You may remember that the newly elected French president said recently that it might not fund the country's Hadopi agency. Hadopi, in case you'd forgotten is a copyright protection enforcement regime that uses a "three-strikes" policy that disconnects repeat offenders from the internet. President Francois Hollande hinted during his campaign that he might reform the agency to make it less repressive and more cooperative. Later in August he said that he would be scaling back funding for it. Now Hadopi is fighting back against the notion of having its resources clipped.

In a progress report on Wednesday, Mireille Imbert-Quarratta, who chairs the Committee on Protection of Rights, warned the government that it needed to stop any plans to cut funding for the agency, saying it would fundamentally undermine French law.

"Hadopi will take part in an effort to reduce its costs, as with all governments," she said. "But we are an independent authority, and the Ministry cannot get rid of Hadopi or deprive it of funds, because it has been created by law. This would undermine the separation of powers."

She went on to argue that the government's recent grumblings about cutting back Hadopi funding reminded her of the French government's efforts in 1981 to get rid of the death penalty by holding funds from the execution service. She says that that effort failed and the efforts to hold back funding for Hadopi ultimately failed. Of course, the death penalty was later eliminated in France…

Source: GIGA OM


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