Raspberry Pi Now Being Made in the UK

Raspberry Pi is now being manufactured in the United Kingdom, though in a limited run. Before today most of the tiny computers were made in Chinese factories. The UK-made Raspberry Pi will be assembled at Sony UK Technology's factory in Pencoed, South Wales, according to the BBC. Another silver lining to making them in the UK is that it will create an additional 30 jobs. The Raspberry PI's made in the UK will be distributed by Premier Farnell.

The makers of the Raspberry Pi say that they expect to sell more than a million before the end of 2012. Priced at between $25 and $35 depending on which model you get, that's not surprising. Their biggest hurdle has been actually getting units into customers' hands at this point. Raspberry Pi community director Liz Upton said it chose Chinese manufacturers because it could not find a UK manufacturer that could make them cheaply enough or was willing to take a risk on a bare-bones computer.

You can learn more about the Raspberry Pi here.

Source: BBC


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