Star Trek Online: To Boldy Go Where Someone Else has Gone Before

Cryptic Studios transitioned Star Trek Online to a free-to-play game recently and Perfect World Entertainment's wholly owned development studio revealed a little more on why they shifted the game from a subscription-based model to free-to-play in an exclusive interview with [A]ListDaily. Star Trek Online executive producer Dan Stahl and Perfect World vice president of business development and corporate communications John Young said the following:

"We saw that potential in the team that delivers Star Trek Online," said John Young. "We saw the capability of Star Trek Online to be huge. We come from free-to-play roots; he have 10 games right now, two from Cryptic – both of their titles we thought, 'This might be good for free-to-play.'"

"I've been thinking about this a lot because it's sort of appropriate to the business world," said Dan Stahl. "What does it mean to take a game F2P? The best analogy is its kind of like an amusement park. In the subscription game model, you're building these fun things, but people have to pay at the gate then they can do everything. The reason why [free-to-play is] a big shift is because you're changing the focus from the retail business at the gate to the rides themselves. What would happen to Disneyland but they didn't have any stores? If Disneyland was free, they wouldn't make any money without the merchandise and restaurants."

You can read part one of this two-part interview here.

Source: [A]ListDaily


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