Valve: We’re Not Done Refining Steam Greenlight

As Valve works out the kinks in its new indie discovery initiative, Steam Greenlight, the company tells Gamasutra that they are not done tweaking and refining the service.

"The sheer volume of submissions was the biggest challenge, both from legitimate submissions as well as junk," says Valve's UI designer Alden Kroll, one of the people in charge of Greenlight. "As evidenced from the first major updates, pulling in those issues and making discoverability easier and more intuitive were the first things we wanted to address."

He goes on to say that the service will get regular updates and tweaks like Valve's other services, and that they will start rolling suggestions from the community into Greenlight with future updates. While he would not share the process of how a greenlight games gets into the store, he did hint that the first project to get approval will be announced and released sooner rather than later. Ultimately Valve doesn't think the process will be drawn out. At the end of the day he points out that Steam Greenlight isn't just about getting a game on the Steam store – it's about building a community for the game too.

"We're hoping this can be the foundation and/or amplification for bringing visibility to new development projects, and help developers build a fan base that continues wherever they sell their games," he said.

Source: Gamasutra


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