Report: G4 Getting ‘GQ’ Makeover in 2013

Variety reports that G4TV owners NBC Universal are going to revamp the popular tech and geek culture channel to be more "GQ," catering to the "modern male." Details on the revamp, set to happen in early 2013, have not been revealed, and many in the gaming, geek and technology culture of the internet are concerned that NBCU will dump the decent programming G4TV offers such as extensive event coverage. G4TV has always had a strong presence at events like Comic-Con, E3, and GDC.

The company had no response when asked for a comment by Variety about the potential make-over of the network. If G4TV stops offering event coverage and shows that cater to gamers and geeks, it could leave an opening for networks like Spike TV, who in recent years has worked hard to expand its coverage of events…

Source: Variety


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    hellfire7885 says:

    "catering to the "modern male."


    So it's gonna be full of "pick up artists" and orange Dbags trying to show how to properly spray on fake abs? Or maybe a show that's supposed to be about cars, but 90% of the time the host will be ogling scantily clad women, so I guess that means Formula D is coming back.

    seriously, the only show with a crap on there anymore is Quantum Leap, and that was made in the 80s.

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    Elle says:

    It can never "be TechTV" again as we knew it…most of the old TechTV personalities have gone into internet content, particularly and (recently acquired by Discovery Networks).

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    black manta says:

    Pretty much this.  I'd like to also add than when Adam Sessler left, so did whatever shred of journalistic integrity and professionalism, not to mention of intelligent insight that was often on display in the "Sessler's Soapbox" segments.

    X-Play had always been sort of snarky.  But at least it was snarky when it called for it.  After Sessler left, though, it seemed that Blair Herter and Morgan Webb were just being snarky for the sake of it, unnecessarily bashing movies and TV shows when it wasn't really called for.  And it felt like the writing staff was comprised of nothing but fanboys.  Okay, we get it, you guys didn't like the Star Wars prequels.  They've been out for nearly 20 years now.  Drop it and deal.  I didn't care to know what you thought of Prometheus.  But I liked it, so shut up.  I was also a little put off by Herter's opinions of the Brony phenomenon when he recently reviewed the MLP-related mod for Skyrim.  Don't judge what you don't understand, Blair.

    So in that respect, I can't say I'll shed a tear for G4TV when they're gone.  They had been a shadow of their former self for years.

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    ZippyDSMlee says:

    If its a GQ make over expect mass reruns of queer eye for the straight guy in an attempt to become an out of date Bravo clone……


    Also G4 died for most 3 or 5 years ago…..

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    Uncharted NES says:

    Yeah… You lost Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira, not to mention you drove away fans by STOPPING being a channel about tech and gaming and showing mass reruns of… Cops. You are a joke to the gaming community. Stuttering Craig actually took the time to bitch slap you in one of his Best and Worst of E3 videoes. That’s how much you suck.

    And catering to the “modern male? You’re just turning it into another Spike TV. A makeover won’t work here, what we need is a whole operation, someone willing to buy G4 and return it TechTV or at least to what G4 used to be, a network about technology and gaming.

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