Report: G4 Getting ‘GQ’ Makeover in 2013

Variety reports that G4TV owners NBC Universal are going to revamp the popular tech and geek culture channel to be more "GQ," catering to the "modern male." Details on the revamp, set to happen in early 2013, have not been revealed, and many in the gaming, geek and technology culture of the internet are concerned that NBCU will dump the decent programming G4TV offers such as extensive event coverage. G4TV has always had a strong presence at events like Comic-Con, E3, and GDC.

The company had no response when asked for a comment by Variety about the potential make-over of the network. If G4TV stops offering event coverage and shows that cater to gamers and geeks, it could leave an opening for networks like Spike TV, who in recent years has worked hard to expand its coverage of events…

Source: Variety


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