GaymerCon Organizers Weigh in on ‘Gaymer’ Trademark Dispute

Last night the organizers of GaymerCon hosted a Google + Hangout to discuss the fight between Reddit's r/Gaymers sub-reddit and owner Chris Vizzini (details on that here). At dispute is use of the term "gaymer," which Vizzini secured a trademark for in 2007. Concerned with the action, the group discussed the issue and answered the community's questions in the live video chat last night. At the end of it they released a lengthy statement on

While the organizers of GaymerCon understand that Vizzini's claim is not "legally wrong" they also note that how this situation is resolved could have long-term implications for the gay gaming community and events such as GaymerCon:

"While we understand Mr. Vizzini’s desire to protect his trademark and not lose it to generic usage, we feel strongly that 'gaymer' is a generic term," organizers wrote in a statement on the event's official blog. "Even if it had not been used before 2001 (it had), we feel that it’s so commonly used by the gay geek community, (including not just Reddit and, but also, Facebook Groups, and even reality shows) that it is unfair to have that term coined and locked down to ONE community."

They go on to say that, while they are confident that the situation "can be resolved in a way that benefits the entire community," they are very concerned that the 16,000+ community at r/Gaymers will be displaced and disenfranchised if Reddit is forced to shut down the sub-reddit. Community members at r/Gaymers are already making plans to shift users to a new sub-reddit. You can learn more about that here.

On a related note, is currently down, and according to some reports, is the victim of a DDoS attack…


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