Greek Government Arrests Two Bohemia Staffers for Espionage

The Greek government has accused two employees of Bohemia Interactive of spying after the two staffers were caught trying to photograph a military base, according to IGN. The two Czech men had been found with photos and video of a military facility in Lemnos and Agios Efstratios. They were arrested while attempting to photograph the base on Lemnos, according to News237. Bohemia is using photographs and video to create the next game in its popular military simulation game series, ArmA 3.

Studio head Mark Spanel confirmed the news on the ArmA 3 forums, and asked users not to discuss the matter "for legal reasons."

At the beginning of August a fan who claims to be from Greece warned Bohemia that it was highly illegal to photograph military bases in the country:

"On the island of Limnos is a military air base. It is illegal to take photographs of this base, yet the ArmA development team are creating a 3D model of the base, most likely based on photos which they took illegally (as well as the satellite photos which aren't illegal)," wrote user Cyplon.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

Source: IGN

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