AbleGamers Foundation Releases Includification Guide for Game Developers

The AbleGamers Foundation has released "Includification," a 48 page, fully illustrated how-to guide for videogame developers and publishers who are interested in road-mapping the exact solutions needed to design a game that is accessible to individuals with various disabilities.

"For nearly a decade, our organization has been reaching out to developers convincing them they need to include accessibility for gamers with disabilities," said Mark Barlet, President and Founder of the AbleGamers Foundation. "As that message has been increasingly accepted in the video game industry, the question has slowly turned into 'Okay, we need to make our games accessible, but how?'"

The AbleGamers Includification includes detailed explanations of common problems for gamers with disabilities, solutions to address those problems, printable checklists, developer exercises and personal letters from industry insiders to the game industry.

Those interested in checking out the Includification can download it for free at A physical print copy is also available "at-cost." You can find out more information about that at


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