Valve Reveals the First Ten Titles to Get the 'Greenlight'

September 12, 2012 -

While there's been a lot of disparaging news about Steam Greenlight, there is some good news from Valve's indie discoverability program: the first ten games to get the "green light" have been revealed. The first set of titles to launch via Greenlight will be released in "the months ahead," according to Valve. All of the titles are in different stages of development so exact release dates for each title were not revealed.

The first ten titles coming to Steam from Greenlight are Black Mesa, Cry of Fear, Dream, Heroes & Generals, Kenshi, McPixel, No More Room in Hell, Project Zomboid, Routine, and Towns.

"The Steam community rallied around these titles and made them the clear choice for the first set of titles to launch out of Greenlight," said Anna Sweet of Valve. "Since launch, hundreds of titles have been submitted, with more coming in every day. We expect to be announcing more titles coming to Steam via Greenlight soon."

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Re: Valve Reveals the First Ten Titles to Get the 'Greenlight'

I'm just stoked that Black Mesa is coming out. It'll be the Half-Life Source we deserved in the first place.

Re: Valve Reveals the First Ten Titles to Get the 'Greenlight'

I didn't think anything would pull me away from Guild Wars 2.

Black Mesa will provide a reason for a brief reprieve.

Re: Valve Reveals the First Ten Titles to Get the 'Greenlight'

Supposedly Black Mesa is being released on Steam in two days (Sept 14) and will be a free game.

It also looks pretty epic.  I know what game I'm playing for a few hours this weekend.

- Left4Dead Why are zombies always eating brains? I want to see zombies that eat toes for a living. Undead-related pun intended.
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