BioWare Mythic’s Paul Barnett Joins AbleGamers Advisory Board

The AbleGamers Foundation announced this morning that Paul Barnett, creative director for BioWare Mythic, is joining the advocacy group's Advisory Board for the Foundation. Barnett, who is colorblind himself, brings first-hand knowledge of both the gaming industry and the disability community. The group hopes that this addition to its Advisory Board will push the game accessibility movement to the next level.

"Paul is one of the earliest and greatest champions of accessible game," said Mark Barlet, President and Founder of the AbleGamers Foundation. "The very first time I spoke to Mr. Barnett he shared very personal and touching stories of experiences he had with helping disabled gamers. The level of passion and care he has for the disability community is almost tangible."

"I am honored to join the AbleGamers Foundation and to start taking a more hands-on role in bringing game accessibility to the next level," said Paul Barnett, BioWare Mythic creative director. "Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with gamers with disabilities who expressed great appreciation for small things I was able to do to help give them a quality experience in games they love. Those letters and conversations are some of the most precious moments of my career as a developer. It is my hope that by joining the AbleGamers Foundation I will be able to help even disabled gamers have special and joyous experiences like everyone else."

Barnett joins Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos, Vtree LLC President Chuck Bergen, Modding sensation Ben Heckendorn, and the Founder of, Susan Robitaile. The AbleGamers Foundation advisory board guides the foundation on industry and community outreach, and provides assistance with organizational decisions.

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