The Future is Now: Using Kinect to Manage Security Footage

Polygon has an interesting story of a security firm that has decided to use Microsoft's Kinect sensor to manage their surveillance technology through hand gestures and voice commands

The company is called Avigilon and has incorporated the Kinect into its Avigilon Control Center (ACC) to allow the technology's users to interact with surveillance footage without the need for an input device. It also allows the user to change the layouts of the surveillance footage, zoom, rewind, and isolate footage as well as display content like maps and web pages.

Speaking to Polygon, Avigilon Chief Operating Officer Andrew Martz said that many of the team members who are creating the tech for the company have worked with gaming companies in the past. They also think the technology from games and game systems often provides "simple, easy, and engaging experiences."

"Many of us on the engineering team have seen the movie Minority Report and we always talked about how cool it would be to bring to real life," Martz said. "When Kinect for Windows came out, we saw our opportunity. Because Kinect comes from the consumer space it was the right fit for cost and quality of the development tools compared to any other motion sensing technology on the market."

You can check out the rest of Polygon's report here. Be sure to check out the video to your left too.

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