No Flash Support in Wii U Browser

More details about the web browser you will use in the Wii U when it is released in November have been revealed, with some sad news for anyone that likes Flash: it's not supported. The news comes from footage of the Wii U's internet browser functionality that is part of the Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation.

The video shows that the software uses the Wii U GamePad's various inputs and allows for multitasking while surfing, which is pretty rad. This isn't much of a change from the Wii's browser software (and other Nintendo platforms) which also didn't offer Flash support. On the plus side the browser will support HTML5. You can learn more by simply watching the video to your left.

Source: Polygon

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    PHX Corp says:

    I hate to say this but I do use the game console browsers in case of an emergency(i.e can't get to my computer or my father's Computer* or either one breaks due to too much dust in the computer fans(the last computer that belonged to my father broke last saturday)) So I don't need adobe flash(even when I'm on facebook)

    *as of last Sunday It's a new computer from micro center

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