Another Zynga Executive Exits Stage Left

It looks like Zynga has lost another high profile executive to another company as the mass exodus of executive talent continues. Today it's Omgpop's Wilson Kriegel, who joined the company when Omgpop was acquired earlier this year. In case you've forgotten, Omgpop made the popular iOS title Draw Something. Kriegel served as the company's chief revenue officer and handled the business development and marketing for the game.

Where he is going has not yet been determined. VentureBeat broke the story earlier today.

Kriegel joins a growing list of high profile Zynga employees who have left the company recently including COO John Schappert, CityVille general manager Alan Patmore, chief creative officer Mike Verdu, vice presidents Bill Mooney and Brian Birtwistle, CTO Allan Leinwand and chief marketing officer Jeff Karp.

Source: VentureBeat


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