Games Industry Reacts to BioWare Founders Leaving Company

An interesting article on GamesIndustry International gathers the reactions of several high profile games industry luminaries to the retirement of BioWare founders Dr. Greg Zeschuk and Dr. Ray Muzyka. The duo announced yesterday that they were leaving the company. Later on Facebook Muzyka said that they both had made the decision to leave way back in April.

Peter Molyneux, Ted Price, Mike Capps and many others said that the BioWare founders changed the way games were made and were clearly in love with making games. A few said that the industry wouldn't be the same without them. We offer only two from the article, which you should definitely go read..

"What an enormous loss Greg and Ray's retirement is," said Peter Molyneux. "They have truly been an inspiration to us all. I have played all their games and have even borrowed a few of their ideas. I know Ray is a keen poker player and was once taken out by him is a heated game. I wish them both all the best in the retirement."

"It's rare to find people in this industry who are as creative, as talented and as genuinely humble as Ray and Greg," said Insomniac Games president and CEO Ted Price. "Not only are they incredibly respected by the 'business' side of the games business, there are legions of devoted fans who have been passionately adventuring in the doctors' worlds for almost two decades. I'm one of those fans. From MDK2 to KOTOR to the Mass Effect series their games have had a big effect on me and many of us at Insomniac."

You can check out further comments from Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor, Epic Games president Mike Capps, InXile Entertainment CEO Brian Fargo, Innovative Leisure founder Seamus Blackley, and Green Ronin co-owner Chris Pramas here.

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