Microsoft Hires Former CBS Executive to Lead Xbox Live Entertainment Expansion

Microsoft has hired former CBS Network Television Entertainment Group president Nancy Tellen to manage its digital entertainment properties. In her new role of president of Entertainment & Digital Media, Tellen will be in charge of launching "a newly created production studio in Los Angeles that will developer interactive and linear content for Xbox and other devices."

"I look forward to building a studio team that embraces the challenges of creating true interactive content that the Xbox platform supports and to work with talent to create content that will change the way entertainment content is experienced and delivered," Tellen said in a press release issued today.

Some have speculated that Microsoft may be planning on entering the same space occupied by streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. No doubt a cheap streaming service native to the platform would probably be well received by Xbox 360 owners.

We'll have to wait and see what Tellen is capable of doing to change the platform into a stronger entertainment destination.

Source: Shack News


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