NCSoft Prepares to Issue Refunds for City of Heroes

NCsoft informed subscribers to its super hero themed MMO City of Heroes that it will begun issuing automatic refunds to paid subscribers and players with other outstanding account balances beginning on September 26. The company announced, much to the chagrin of current subscribers that it would be shutting down the game as part of a company-wide focus. Customers with recurring subscriptions plans as of September 1st or who purchased in-game currency after August 24th will also receive full refunds through their "original method of payment."

Paragon also said that customers who have been using prepaid Game Time Cards should contact customer support and set up a wire transfer. Players should look for those refunds a few weeks after they have been processed.

NCsoft also said that players with VIP status prior to September 1st will not be billed starting today. The game's developer, Paragon, also plans several special in-game events before the game shuts down permanently.

You can read the message from Paragon about all this here.


Source: Polygon


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