Poll: Are You Getting a Wii U?

Because I’m a huge Nintendo dork with a one-track mind, I predictably posted a Wii U-themed poll this week.

Nintendo cut loose with gobs of Wii U info last Thursday including the console’s price and launch date.  If you missed it, the console launches in North America on Nov. 18th in two flavors: a Basic Set for $300 and a Deluxe Set for $350.

So, you getting one?

As of this writing, Gamestop is sold out of preorders for the Deluxe Set while Target, Kmart, Toys R Us and Walmart are out of both.  Are you one of those who preordered?  Will you be lining up outside your favorite retailer on launch day? Maybe you plan on getting it as a Christmas present?

Or maybe you’re a filthy Nintendo-hatin’ pud muffin and have deluded yourself into thinking you can do without!  Heathen!  Infidel!  PUTZ!!!

Sorry, that was a bit strong.

Anyway, vote in the poll and let us know what your plans are.  Fill the comments section and our inbox (SuperPACPodcast@gmail.com) with your thoughts on Nintendo’s latest and we’ll discuss your opinions on the next podcast.  I promise to keep the discussion to a reasonable length this time…

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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  1. Neeneko says:

    I will take a 'wait and see' approach.  I have no burning need for a new console (I pretty much just play minecraft now), but the new controller has some interesting potential that if it pans out (doubtful) would be worth grabbing.

    One area I hope they explore with this, games always have a single visual focus, the screen, right in front of you.  Splitting that focus (say, action on the screen, inventory management or radar on the controller) could do some interesting things for play.

  2. Neeneko says:

    Tricky part there is, what does one mean by 'more powerful'?  There are dozens of individual metrics one could look at, and any one of them can be nullified by a weak component elsewhere.

  3. jedidethfreak says:

    All WiiU multiplats look better than their 360/PS3 counterparts.  I will agree that most don't look SIGNIFICANTLY better, but that's because most of them were already well into development on the other consoles and just ported.  This phenomenon has happened throughout console history – Perfect Dark Zero, as an example, looked like ass when compared to even early GameCube games.

  4. jedidethfreak says:

    The biggest things that bring the idea is the jump in RAM, the GPU, but mostly the fact that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will actually run at native 1080p on the console WHILE simultaneously running at 480p on the controller.  The other systems are only able to run it at 540p.  That requires 4x the processing power minimum.

    And the CPU is a custom Power7 chip, as recently confirmed by IBM.  Power7, at its least powerful configuration, has six times the actual throughput as the Cell in the PS3, and about four times the throughput as the CPU in the 360.  I expect it to be further customized to be less powerful, but when you figure the RAM increase, the GPU architecture and capabilities and the massive jump in CPU power, I don't see how anyone can ony say it's a 25% increase over current-gen.

  5. GrimCW says:

    the current visuals given from the consoles games look sub par their 360/PS3 counterparts (for those shared) and in other cases well behind.

    if it has the power though then i do retract that, but everything i've read thus far stated it was only in equal to the current 2 lead consoles, not ahead.

    as for the transfers, yes they can be transferred, but not if you say.. turned in your wii.

    in order to do it (if its anything like the current DS/3DS transfer setup) you need BOTH consoles just to transfer the content. I.E. you cannot redownload it should you be coming back.

    do consider that some aren't just ignorant a-holes when posting, i will admit i haven't been in depth with the things info, but i hardly fanboy either of the other consoles either. love my wii, granted mostly for light gun games (my all time fave since the ol' arcade days) but love it. But thus far most of what i've read/heard of the Wii-U is hardly impressive… yet..

  6. HilaryDuffGta says:

    No,i'll stick with a wii at some point,perhaps if wii u has the virtual console i will but even then im not sure if i want to,im more of a ps3 and 360 fan now

  7. jedidethfreak says:

    The WiiU isn't "behind" anything.  It's easily 3-4x the power of the 360/PS3, and the rumored specs of the next Sony and MS consoles put them on a level playing field with the WiiU.

    Also, you really should do some of your own research.  Had you done so, you'd know that they announced months ago that you'd be able to transfer Wii VC and WiiWare games to the WiiU.  However, because you didn't, you just came off as a fanboy who'd rather attack another console than learn about it and make up his own mind.

  8. GrimCW says:

    i'm going with a maybe.. the oddball controls again, and lackluster use of them in the past just has me skeptical..

    while i liked the Wii and its crazy controls, they just weren't… well.. par what they could've been..

    and the DS… can't stand the thing.. everyone feels the need to either put in crazy table top twisted hands required controls for the touch screen, or barely there except for looks ones.. and i'd yet to find a game by the time i gave up that used them for what was hoped they'd have been used for when it was announced.. the very obvious… inventory/map screen!…. seen some for maps, but not for arranging/control of inventories.. for some reason that still got done in games i tried with the top screen and reg buttons :/

    so the wii u isn't even hinting on my radar yet, and its only JUST getting up there with the 360/PS3? right when those two are in development for the NEXT line of consoles?! how can nintendo still be this behind? i understand their hold on the hand held market (especially with Sony's horrid handling of the PSP/PSV and blowing more money on multimedia (PSP) and fighting pirates (PSV) than actually providing a quality system and GAMES…) but why…

    innovative controls are only as good as the content to go with it.. and as good as they function. and tbh i've yet to see any good use/function for the Wii-U's controls that i consider meaningful… so the only thing it has going now is its backwards compatible.. but thats kinda killed when it comes down to being unable to redownload your content because its locked to the console and not your account..

  9. Zerodash says:

    Preordered the console as well as an assortment of games (Nintendo Land, Mario U, Tekken, Batman).  


    I'm a big enthusiast so I always buy hardware at launch, so my preorder plans have little to do with my opinion on the console's viability. 

  10. DorkmasterFlek says:

    I'm almost certainly going to end up with one eventually, possibly when a new Zelda game hits.  That's an itch that nobody seems to want to scratch for me but Nintendo, with the exception of Darksiders.  At launch though?  I'd say it's almost impossible to justify at launch.  If it wasn't for a new Mario game (another itch I can't help but scratch) and me being on a Mario binge right now having just gotten a 3DS XL, I'd say 100% no.

    Yeah, I'm a Nintendo fanboy.  Sue me.

  11. Samster says:

    No plans whatsoever to get it. I've never been a huge Nintendo fan, but I just don't 'get' the Wii U design. I can't see the supposed brilliance of it. I can't imagine how it will enhance my console gaming experience or social gaming experiences. Like the Wii (which at least was fun to play with friends for half hour every so often), I expect it'll have a few gems I'll regret not being able to play, but will mostly be gimmicky 5-minute-wonder games I can happily live without.

  12. Zen says:

    Well, since I am getting the Deluxe I will be getting Nintendo Land of course.  The others so far are ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman Legends, and Transformers Prime.  If money allows, I will be grabbing Scribblenauts as well.

    I will have much reviewing to do for both the console and a spatter of the games themselves since only one other of my shows staff is actually getting the console day one as well.  

  13. David says:

    No space right now, and my paychecks are too small.  When one or both of those problems are fixed, then I'll definitely look into getting one.  I skipped the Wii, but I really want at the Virtual Console.

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