GREE CEO Predicts a Bleak Future for PCs

We've all heard the story about how the PC is doomed and PC gaming will soon be a thing of the past, so it's not surprising that a company like GREE (whose bread and butter is mobile games) says that the future of the traditional PC is basically doomed.

GREE CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka highlighted some of the changes that will be important to the gaming industry in his keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show. He may have some valid points.

"The line between PC and mobile has blurred, and that's a trend for this year," he said at the Tokyo Game Show.

He listed the faster pace of smartphone hardware technology compared to PC, and that more people were buying new smartphones, and more often, than they were investing in a new PC.

"The traditional PC will disappear, and smartphone and PC will converge to become a new platform."

Tanaka also predicts that more localized game studios would become important because they can cater to the different taste of international audiences.

"As time goes on, localized services will be required," he said. "In three years time, local development of games will be bigger. That's why we engage in worldwide development activities. Global participation will help us come up with new ideas."

Source: Gamasutra by way of GII


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  1. 0
    Sleaker says:

    Just like consoles made computers as gaming devices obsolete I imagine?

    Anyone willing to make this statement has obviously proven they have no intelligence and probably shouldn't be attempting to make games.


    sure mobile games are becoming popular, and now we're seeing a lot of crossover development where mobile games are coming out on more devices than just the phones.

  2. 0
    beemoh says:

    >We've all heard the story about how the PC is doomed and PC gaming will soon be a thing of the past

    Really? I don't think I've ever heard it.

    Heard a lot of people screeching about how it's not the case, however, as some sort of strange response to a question nobody asked.


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