Sony Relying on PS3 Business to Return to Profitability This Year

September 21, 2012 -

Sony Computer Entertainment President and group CEO Andrew House told Reuters that his company is relying on its PS3 business to help it return to profitability this year.

"I think we will be profitable this year," House told the news agency at Tokyo Game Show this week. "We have a growing installed base, growing connectivity of the PS3."

Earlier this week Sony revealed three new retail PS3 SKU's for Europe, and two for Japan and the United States. Apparently the company will be relying heavily on these new offerings. The new SKU exclusive to Europe is a 12GB HDD PS3, while the other two available in all three regions are the 250GB HDD PS3 and the 500GB HDD PS3.

Details on the new SKU's can be found here.

Source: Reuters by way of GamesSpot




Re: Sony Relying on PS3 Business to Return to Profitability ...

So, them building three brand-new skus while discontinuing the old ones aren't going to increase the production cost via having to retool all of the manufacturing plants for the new systems?

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