Valve Faces the Wrath of German Consumer Organizations Over STEAM EULA Changes

Earlier this week Germany's Federation of German Consumer Organizations (or vzbv) called on Valve to explain the changes it made to the Steam end-user license agreement back in August. The vzbv found that the changes Valve made to its EULA were unfair to consumers and that Steam had no mechanism for allowing its users to trade games per a recent European High Court ruling. It required Valve to respond by September 26 to their insistence the company change its policy "restricting access to content based on the forfeiture of signing the new EULA."

The vzbv was concerned with the fact that Valve did not give users the option to opt out of signing the new EULA and for the way Valve has limited software licenses within Steam accounts that can be exchange among users.

We'll have more on this story when Valve responds to Federation of German Consumer Organizations later this month or sooner. If Valve ignores the government agency it will likely find itself facing the same accusations in a court.

Source: Cinema Blend


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