EA Closes PopCap Office in Dublin, Ireland, Lays off Entire Staff

September 24, 2012 -

MCV has confirmed with parent company electronic Arts that the publisher has closed its Dublin, Ireland PopCap Games office and laid off its entire staff. The news comes on the heels of 50 layoffs last month at its PopCap Seattle office and an unspecified number of employees let go from its Irish operations.

The closure and layoffs are the result of an "exploratory consultation" to evaluate the future of Dublin. Obviously the evaluation of the office determined that it was no longer viable in the restructure of EWA's casual division. The end result is 96 layoffs and the studio's closure.

In a statement to MCV, an EA representative offered the following on the closure:

"PopCap has provided outplacement support and many employees have offers in other parts of PopCap, at EA or new opportunities with technology partners in Ireland. Europe remains a critical market for PopCap and we will continue to grow our presence through centralized services operated from our North American offices and through the extensive European EA network."

Source: MCV


Re: EA Closes PopCap Office in Dublin, Ireland, Lays off ...

This is too bad. PopCap does great work and I would hate to see them failing.


Managing Editor at TheBestGameSiteEver.com

Re: EA Closes PopCap Office in Dublin, Ireland, Lays off ...

"There is no PopCap, there is only EA."


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