Foxconn Plant That Makes iPhone 5 Parts Shuts Down After Riot

While Apple is celebrating the fact that it sold five million units of its iPhone 5 phone in three days since launch, the owners of the plant that make the device are not celebrating very much today as chaos and riots take all of its production offline.

This morning Foxconn had to shut down a factory in central China after a riot took place in the factory compound late Sunday night. The New York Times reports that the Foxconn plant in the city of Taiyuan, which employs about 79,000 workers, had to go into lockdown after a massive brawl involving 2,000 employees. One of the employees told Reuters that the factory is one of the plants that assembles and makes parts for Apple’s iPhone 5. While no one died during the massive riot / brawl at the plant, at least three employees were in critical condition.

Details on the cause of the riot are unknown at this time, but pictures being shared by a Twitter account showed the chaos including broken windows and Chinese riot police at the scene. Geoff Crothall, a spokesman for a Chinese labor group, seems to think that this was more than just some massive brawl: it was a riot that showed the continued anger of workers who feel that they are not being treated fairly by the company:

"They’re more willing to stand up for their rights, to stand up to injustice," he said. "Clearly there is deep-seated frustration and anger among the employees and no outlet, apart from violence, for that frustration to be released."

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Source: Beta Beat


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