11-Year-Old Wins $20K for App That Combats Texting While Driving

An 11-year-old girl named Victoria Walker has won a $20,000 award from AT&T for creating an app that discourages users from texting while driving. The contest was part of a promotion to generate awareness for the "It Can Wait" campaign, which reminds mobile phone users that texting while driving (distracted driving) can have deadly consequences.

Victoria Walker worked closely with game designer David Grau to create the app Rode Dog. The app encourages friends to join one another in a “pack” which in turn allows all group members to monitor each other. Assuming users are logged into the app, if one user sees another user texting while driving, they can send a loud barking sound to that friend. That sound will not stop until the phone is put away.

Walker and Grau plan to have the app up on various marketplaces for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone later this year. They also plan on using the prize money to further enhance the app.

You can learn more about Rode Dog here. Congratulations to Victoria Walker for creating an app that has the potential to save lives.

Source: geek.com

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