FCC Chairman: Agency Must Police Broadband Competition

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has to do more to police and ensure mobile and broadband competition across the country, said FCC chairman Julius Genachowski in a speech earlier this week.

He also said that the agency must resist calls for various corners of government and the private sector to eliminate or phase out regulation of broadband and mobile carriers.

"Competition is the lifeblood of our free-market economy, driving private investment, innovation and consumer value," he said. "The more competition, the less need for regulation."

The agency also said that it needs to continue to review all mergers and acquisitions in the telecom industry and to continue to consider all options, including blocking deals or putting conditions on them.

"Some say government has no role to play here," Genachowski said. "Some say government should just eliminate existing rules and policies on its way out the door. As someone who's spent more than a decade in the private sector and believes fundamentally in the power of the free market, I disagree with that view."

Chairman Genachowski has plenty more to say about net neutrality, fair competition and net neutrality in general. Check it all out here.

Source: Computer World


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    DanHoyt says:

    I spent most of my life living in pretty rural areas and completely understand how one service provider can have a chock hold over the population when internet is involved. Competition would be great and I'm glad the FCC has some people who are going to try and ensure I have that competition.

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    Sleaker says:

    there's a severe lack of competition in my area, due to the nature of the city I live in. The phone companies don't overlap their service areas, and because of this FIOS is only provided by one company and not everywhere that company services necessarily. in addition we only have 1 cable provider, which means that they are my only reasonable service provider for any speed above 1MB depending on where I live due to restrictions on high speed from DSL providers.

    Hooray for Portland, probably the only large metro area where you can live smack in the middle of the city and not be able to get FIOS.

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