GameStop Offers Wii U Waiting List, But Only for PowerUp Rewards Members

Yesterday we reported that retailer GameStop halted its pre-orders for both models of Nintendo's Wii U console. Today the retailer wants those who didn't get in on the action to get in on a waiting list. The problem is it's only for PowerUp Rewards members. A cynical person would suggest that this is all some clandestine plan by GameStop to boot its PowerUp Rewards membership numbers.

From the FAQ:

How can I get on the wait list?
A: The wait list is for PowerUp Rewards members only. PowerUp Rewards members can go to their local store and ask a sales associate to be put on the wait list. They will receive a printed receipt as confirmation. Go to Find a Store to Locate a store near you. If you are not a PowerUp Rewards member, it's easy and free to sign up at your local store.

The FAQ goes on to make no promises that consumers would get a Wii U at release, said it could not detail where a person's position on the wait list is, and that you could be on the wait list for up to two units…

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.


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