Latest 3DS Firmware Blocks Flash Carts

The latest firmware update to Nintendo's 3DS hand-held gaming system has blocked the use of flash carts on the system, according to this Destructoid report. A firmware update, which was released last week for Nintendo's handheld has blocked flash carts on the system, according to a forum post on a device manufacturer's website. Nintendo sees these flash carts as a tool used by people engaging in piracy because they can be used to store a fair amount of game titles in one convenient location.

Destructoid's story is based on a forum post from manufacturer Super Cart, a company that makes such cards, where the company claims that the firmware update ensures that "95% of the card[s] in the world will be blocked." The post's author goes on to speculate that manufacturers may have to abandon their old designs.

The documentation for firmware update 4.4.0-10U doesn't offer any details on the change…

Source: Polygon

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    Infophile says:

    Meh. Almost every firmware update from Nintendo tries to do this. It blocks flash carts, then a firmware update comes out (often the same day, though this particular one took a few days) for flash carts that lets them be used, and the cycle continues. I doubt Nintendo will ever figure out a way to block flashcarts without blocking legit games (most flash carts masquerade as real games to fool the DS/3DS into playing them), and so the cycle will continue.

    The best Nintendo can say is that no one's figured out how to make a flashcart that can play 3DS games yet, but it might just be a matter of time.

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    Sleaker says:

    mhmm, stifle innovation instead of using it.  Could have you know, looked into and used the technology for having multiple games loaded, but noo, you'd rather block it all.  That's really going to stop people who already root/crack/pirate stuff from getting around it?

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