Latest 3DS Firmware Blocks Flash Carts

The latest firmware update to Nintendo's 3DS hand-held gaming system has blocked the use of flash carts on the system, according to this Destructoid report. A firmware update, which was released last week for Nintendo's handheld has blocked flash carts on the system, according to a forum post on a device manufacturer's website. Nintendo sees these flash carts as a tool used by people engaging in piracy because they can be used to store a fair amount of game titles in one convenient location.

Destructoid's story is based on a forum post from manufacturer Super Cart, a company that makes such cards, where the company claims that the firmware update ensures that "95% of the card[s] in the world will be blocked." The post's author goes on to speculate that manufacturers may have to abandon their old designs.

The documentation for firmware update 4.4.0-10U doesn't offer any details on the change…

Source: Polygon

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