Mad Humans: Election 2012 Released

Digital Entertainment Ventures invites you to "vote with vegetables" in their new iOS and Android game, Mad Humans: Election 2012. In this 3D game you toss vegetables and other objects at world leaders, political mouthpieces and presidential and vice-presidential candidates including Sarah Palin, President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, and even Donald Trump. More characters will be added "soon." The game was developed by Sideline Amusements for both platforms.

"Pulling the voting lever is only so satisfying. Sometimes, it takes a rotten tomato to say what you really feel," says Alan McGlade, managing director of DEV (Digital Entertainment Ventures), who conceived the idea for Mad Humans. "Mad Humans Election 2012 is an outlet for everyone who doesn’t have their own super PAC. And we promise not to miscount anyone's score."

Check out the video to your left, or finds it on Google Play and iTunes.


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