Hotline’s Editor-in-Chief Reid Wilson Crowned Comedy Central’s Indecision Game Tournament Winner

In what Comedy Central and 2K Play describe as a "dramatic end" to the Comedy Central's Indecision Game smartphone tournament challenge, The Hotline's Editor-in-Chief Reid Wilson was crowned "Greatest Political Mind of our Time." The competition was between 20 of the nation's most recognized political pundits and reporters and played on mobile phones and tablets during a three-week period. Wilson managed to beat out Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren in the final round of competition.

"It takes political genius to transcend the wit and intellectual prowess of Van Susteren," said Mary Phillips-Sandy, Editorial Producer for COMEDY CENTRAL's Indecision. "The speed and agility to answer challenging rapid fire questions while skillfully launching investigative committees and smear campaigns to win a general election warrants a title of this magnitude. We're proud to name Wilson the 'Greatest Political Mind of Our Time.'"

Wilson and Van Susteren ultimately beat out opponents from the Washington Post, NBC News, Fox News, Salon, Politico and Roll Call, among other esteemed media outlets, to face off for the championship title. The tournament launched at the Republican Convention in Tampa.

Congratulations to Reid Wilson for coming out on top. If you are interested in checking out the game, you can do so by visiting iTunes (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Google Play (Android) and Amazon (Kindle Fire).

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