IndieGameStand Opens with Escape Goat

The IndieGameStand is offering MagicalTimeBean's puzzle-platformer Escape Goat in its latest pay-what-you-want DRM-free game promotion. Unlike other Indie game offerings that provide a bundle of games, IndieGameStand offers one indie game for three days. If you pay more than $1 you can unlock a code for the game via Desura.

Ten percent of all proceeds go to a charity of the developer's choosing: this time it's the American Red Cross.

You can buy the game here or check out the promo video to your left. IndieGameStand switches out its featured pay-what-you-want indie game deal every 96 hours, so if you are interested in this game you had better buy it while it's available (or pay full price later). Escape Goat is for Windows, though it is apparently coming to Xbox Live Indie Games in November too.


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