The Reddit Declaration of Internet Freedom Bus Tour Begins in Early October

The Declaration of Internet Freedom may not be getting as much national attention as it should from the mainstream media (despite several members of Congress and the Senate strongly and publicly supporting it), but Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian (who also had a hand in helping draft the document) has some plans to get it noticed by the general public.

Beginning in October, the Declaration of Internet Freedom will travel from Colorado to Kentucky as part of Reddit’s Internet 2012 Bus Tour. The tour will make a stop at the locations of the presidential and vice-presidential debates between Denver and Kentucky to highlight the importance of a free internet and to talk to people about it.

Over 2,000 organizations have signed on to support the Declaration of Internet Freedom, and during their respective conventions this summer Republicans and Democrats embraced Internet freedom as an important part of their party platforms. But Internet freedom requires more than just platitudes from politicians and the spirit of support. It really requires lawmakers to come together and agree about the core tenets of a free and open Internet. Ohanian and tour partners hope that they can do a better job of highlighting the importance of it all by going to where the politicians can't flee from them: the debates.

The Internet 2012 Bus Tour will begin in Denver, Colorado on Oct. 3 To see the tour schedule, check out Reddit.

Source: Free Press

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