Silly Rumor: Valve in Discussions with NCsoft and Nexon about Possible Merger

South Korean publication Joongang News (by way of GamesBeat) may be reading WAY TOO MUCH into a meeting between Nexon, NCsoft and Valve Software in South Korea this week. While the three companies are there to discuss a new Counter-Strike game that will be deployed as part of a partnership in Asia, the publication speculates that the two South Korean MMO companies may have met for other reasons: to talk about buying the company responsible for Counter-Strike, Steam, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead and more.

Nexon is best known for its free-to-play offerings in America like Maple Story, while NCsoft is known for bringing such games as City of Heroes and the Lineage series to American MMO fans.

The Joongang News report claims that the three companies got together on Sept. 26 in Hawaii to discuss a possible merger and offer Valve more than $893 million to do it. Of course the publication also notes that the companies likely met to simply discuss the next version of Counter Strike at Nexon's "developer summit."

We'll keep you posted on this story, but it's likely just a silly rumor – like the one awhile back about Nexon buying EA after a similar meeting took place. Valve has maintained its independence for this long for a reason and I think it would take much more than $893 million to get them to jump (some past analysis of the company's value put it at somewhere around $3 billion). Oh, and Counter-Strike Online 2 was announced for Asian territories way back in April.

Source: GamesBeat


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