Indie Royale Launches Oktoberfest Bundle

September 28, 2012 -

The Indie Royale has launched its latest bundle of indie games - the Oktoberfest Bundle. The Oktoberfest Bundle offers a handful of indie games, including three episodes of the adult-themed point-and-click adventure Hector: Badge of Carnage, puzzle platformer Adventures of Shuggy, musical puzzle game Chime, the popular and slightly controversial RPG adventure Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble, and The Network.

Indie Royale Bundles use a different structure than other bundles like the Humble Indie Bundle, so to get all of the games and other bonuses, you should check out

As always the games are DRM-free and you can pay what you want. They are also all available through either Desura or Steam.


Re: Indie Royale Launches Oktoberfest Bundle

The writeup is incorrect. As almost always, many of these items in the Indie Royale bundle are DRM-laden, only available through Steam.

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