UK MP Ed Vaizey Denied Access to Game Systems in Office

September 28, 2012 -

Tory Minister of Parliament and Culture minister Ed Vaizey has long been an influence on the policy of the UK government when it comes to the video game industry, so it's interesting to read this Daily Mail story about him being denied access to video games in his office for the sake of "research."

Vaizey had requested access to a games console in his office at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, but was told that it would not happen because his request was "frivolous." Despite the denial of his request, the Tory culture minister said he would ‘renew’ his campaign to get access to game systems in his office because it was connected with his "day job."

"I was encouraged not to, in case it looked frivolous," he told The Independent. He said that his request was turned down by "the powers that be."

"But I think I will renew my campaign," he continued. "I have a television so why can't I have a games console?"

Indeed. And how many MP's can claim it's for research? Not many, i'd imagine... In the meantime he is doing his "research" by playing iOS games...

Source: Daily Mail


Re: UK MP Ed Vaizey Denied Access to Game Systems in Office

He's part of the department for culture, olympics, media and sport.  Everything in their portfolio is frivolous.  The billions they poured into the olympic games was a frivolous waste.  If being 'frivolous' was enough to deny spending time and money on something, half of the government's projects would be halted immediately.

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