CleanIT Act Makes SOPA and PIPA Look Tame in Comparison

A new bill being secretly passed around to certain members of the European Parliament is making headlines today because of its eerie similarities to legislation like SOPA, CISPA and ACTA. The bill is called "CleanIT," and it is currently in the early stages of being refined. But the draft has been leaked to the public, much to the chagrin of its main supporters and it has a lot of horrible provisions.

Basically the draft calls for internet service providers to enforce the use of real names, and would require over-internet services such as Ventrillo and Teamspeak to create a flagging system for users who could potentially be terrorists. The government would reportedly use this to create a list of illegal 'terrorist' websites.

The draft bill can be found here (PDF).

It also calls for a "reporting button" to be developed within browsers used in the European Union as well as in operating systems, social media companies would have to allow for the use of only real pictures of users, and governments in the EU would be required to draft legislation that will allow them to create a monitoring system that would have to be used by anyone who makes and distributes an OS or browser product in the EU.

But Klaasen, the program manager of the office of the Dutch national coordinator for counterterrorism and security, is heading up the CleanIT Act. When Ars Technica caught up with him he had some queer things to say about the document being leaked to the public and its reaction to the draft.

"I have no problem with publishing everything we do afterwards," he told Ars. "I’m open for debate, but I’m not convinced that everything should be fully transparent 24/7."

He goes on to say that he didn't really expect the public to see the draft so soon in the process.

"We really didn’t expect that people would publish a document that clearly says ‘not for publication’—that really surprised us," he said, adding "I don’t know if it’s naive. Why can’t I trust people?"

Yes countries of the European Union, where is the trust among your citizens? After all why shouldn't everyone in Europe be forced to use real names, real photos and allow the government to monitor your every activity at their whim in the name of fighting terrorism?

Source: Cinema Blend

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