For The People: Fantasy Politics Beta Launches on Facebook

Social game developer Rocket Surgeon has opened the beta of its Facebook game, For The People: Fantasy Politics to the public today. The 3D Facebook game lets players become the fictional 436th member of the House of Representatives, and play a key role in shaping the laws and policies of a fantasy democracy. Beginning today and running until the new Congress is seated in January, players can test their skills as a U.S. Representative and help iron out any bugs the game might have before it is officially launched at the beginning of next year.

The game was built with the input of some major politicians including former US Senators Norm Coleman, Evan Bayh and Rudy Boschwitz; noted political strategist Joe Trippi, and acknowledged polling expert Jon Lerner.

"While an extremely fun game that will appeal to a wide audience from political junky to casual Facebook user, For the People: Fantasy Politics has the potential to change the relationship between elected official and constituent," says Shel Mann, CEO and Founder of Rocket Surgeon. "We named the game ‘For the People’ because we want it to be a platform through which people can express their views and help us shape future game design. This unique development model ensures that this game is truly representative of the will of the people."

You can play the game right now by visiting Facebook now. The developers behind the game claim that they used the political knowledge of the aforementioned political experts along with real voting records to craft this simulation that ties your network of friends into the political process… For even more information, check out the video to your left.



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