Putting a Cap on It: Which Broadband Providers Cap Customers

Is your broadband service provider throttling your connection because you hit a data cap or are you just being paranoid and unreasonable when your connection's bandwidth seems to slow down dramatically? According to this GIGA OM report, more than 64 percent of broadband subscribers in the U.S. have a cap on data usage.

While the amount of those caps might seem fair, as the Internet changes the way people consume entertainment – television, movies, music, video games, and more – the amount of data consumers use is steadily climbing. The FTC and the FCC have so far turned a blind eye when it comes to data capping and throttling but as more and more consumers cut the cord to traditional cable and migrate to the Internet, the more these practices should and will come under scrutiny.

So which companies are currently capping customer connections? Well the most obvious is Comcast, who used to cap at 250 GB a month, but recently raised that cap to 300 GB. AT&T customers who use DSL services have a cap of 150GB, while broadband users have a cap of 250GB. The entire chart can be found here – including what they charge you to get more data for the month. The most interesting aspect of the chart is who doesn't have data caps. Believe it or not Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Frontier, Windstream, Fairpoint, and Cincinnati Bell have no data caps. And the worst of the worst are Cox Cable and Charter who will cut you off once you hit your data cap for the month…

Source: GIGA OM

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