Report: 38 Studios Won’t Face Federal Charges

According to the Associated Press, there will be no federal criminal charges filed against Curt Schilling or his now bankrupt game development company 38 Studios. A spokesperson for U.S. attorney spokesperson Peter Neronha told The Associated Press that the office has conducted a "narrow and focused" examination of 38 Studios to find out if any federal laws had been broken, and has decided to not continue the investigation. The federal level investigation into 38 Studios began in June, shortly after it filed for bankruptcy.

The company still faces the outcome of a state-level investigation, which the AP categorizes as "ongoing." The Rhode Island State investigation is being spearheaded by Colonel Steven O'Donnell of the Rhode Island State Police who says that all leads are being pursued.

The case revolves around the failure of the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which saw the company collapse, fire 450 of its staff at two offices in Maryland and Rhode Island – and ultimately default on a $75 million loan given to the company by the state of Rhode Island…

Source: Gamespot


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