Truth Invaders Returns

You may recall the Space Invaders-inspired flash game Truth Invaders way back during the 2008 presidential campaign. Back then the game focused on the "lies" told by both Democrats and Republicans.

Well the game is back with a 2012 edition, but this time it focuses only on the "lies" of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and the Republican party.

The FAQ on the site tries to explain the change:

Q: Didn't you guys used to cover lies from both the Right and the Left?
A: Yep.

Q: So… what happened?
A: We got fed up.

So bearing that in mind and assuming you are in the same mindset as the game's creators you will probably enjoy the game. If you consider yourself Conservative you will probably scoff at the notion that Republicans and Mitt Romney are the only politicians lying during this election cycle.

As a general rule of thumb we find that if a politician is talking, there's a 66 percent chance they are lying about something.

Whatever you think, you can check the game out at You can also follow the Truth Invaders team on Twitter @TruthInvaders.

[Editor's note: GamePolitics is a non-partisan publication.]

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